Drones in Public: Foundational Interaction Research

The CAREER project titled, “Drones in Public: foundational interaction research” is led by Dr. Brittany Duncan. A long-term goal of this NSF-funded project is advancing human-drone interaction by developing generalizable guidelines for drone approaches to the general public focusing on language and communication in public environments. The objective of learning about human-drone interaction will be explored through outreach events (e.g., lessons plans on human robot interaction for K-12 students, Science Café in local venues, and museum exhibits).

MERC is tasked with collecting and evaluating participant feedback during outreach events through pre- and post-surveys, observations, and interviews. Data collected will measure knowledge, confidence, and interest in STEM activities and careers, as well as effectiveness of outreach programming.

Jennifer RuttEvaluation Project Manager

Methodology and Evaluation Research Core Facility at SBSRC

Lincoln NE 68583-0866