INFEWS/T4: Educational Immersive Simulations to Enhance Understanding of Corn-Water-Ethanol-Beef (CWEB) System Nexus

The project titled “INFEWS/T4: Educational immersive simulations to enhance understanding of corn-water-ethanol-beef (CWEB) system nexus” is being funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF). The overall goal of this project is to develop an educational immersive simulation game to enhance understanding of the complex interactions of the CWEB system nexus through outreach activities including 4-H programs, partnerships with high school teachers, and engagement of undergraduate students and the public. Specific objectives and tasks for reaching that goal include: (1) develop a simplified integrative CWEB model from existing individual sub-models and datasets that describes the complex dynamic interactions of the CWEB system; (2) build an educational immersive simulation game to enhance understanding of the dynamics of the CWEB system; and (3) prepare food, energy, and water (FEW) educational materials and conduct outreach activities.

MERC is assessing the impact of the game and educational modules on students and teachers. MERC is collaborating with the project team by developing data collection instruments (e.g., surveys, focus groups), implementing the instruments to collect data, analyzing the collected data, and reporting evaluation findings. The evaluation will include formative measures to guide the implementation and improvement of the game and educational materials over the project life in an attempt to increase learning effects in students.





Methodology and Evaluation Research Core Facility at SBSRC