Nebraska Collegiate Consortium (NCC)

The Nebraska Collegiate Consortium (NCC) to Reduce High Risk Drinking works to lower high risk-drinking rates in college students. NCC involves 27 private and public institutes of higher education. The objectives are for each school to:


(1) Receive continued technical support for planning, developing, and implementing evidence-based individual and environmental interventions to reduce high-risk drinking, drinking and driving, and drunk driving,

(2) Expand their implementation of evidence-based best practices, and

(3) Receive continued analysis support.


To achieve these objectives the NCC will provide technical assistance to member institutions, data analysis, skill building workshops and webinars, maintain the NCC website and Power of Parenting websites, maintain and expand the College Alcohol Profile (CAP) and Year One College Alcohol Profile (Y1CAP), continue efforts with the University of Nebraska Systems Initiative and provide support to the Omaha Collegiate Consortium (OCC).


MERC assists with this project by doing data entry/manipulation/analysis and generating snapshot and full reports for NCC and its collaborators.



Methodology and Evaluation Research Core Facility at SBSRC