To cover the costs of administration and maintenance of REDCap, a fee structure has been determined, and is effective as of June 1, 2019.

  • The initial cost to setup a project is $200. This includes the addition of the Primary Investigator (PI) and team members (up to 10) to access REDCap, up to 5 projects in production, 2 hours of REDCap staff consultation, and the first year’s user fees. (Please note that the additional team members cannot have their own projects without paying additional fees.) 
  • User can create up to 5 “REDCap projects” in Development status, with a maximum of 30 case records per test.   
  • Projects can (and should) be tested while in development status, but must be moved to productions before collecting research data. 
  • Additional services rendered by MERC will be charged at the rate of $60/hour for NU System faculty and $120/hour for other External Academic users. A minimum charge of 1/2 hour per incident applies. For these services, billing will be done at the end of UNL fiscal quarters.

    Services include (but are not limited to):
    • Adding external (non-UNL) REDCap user accounts (up to six users per 1/2 hour);
    • Reviewing and approving changes to projects already in Production;
    • Development of or assistance with REDCap projects;
    • Any other REDCap task that requires intervention by MERC staff. 
  • Long-term projects (over 12 months in duration) will be assessed a $150/year hosting charge. These charges will be billed annually on day 366 from the project start date. Projects with less than 12 months lifespan do not incur any additional charges unless you need additional services or exceed data quotas (see below). MERC should be contacted to delete projects as soon as they are complete to avoid service fees. 
  • Any project consuming more than 2000 MB of data will incur a fee of $1 for each 100 MB in excess of 2000 MB. Please note that data consumption includes data transmitted over the network, and that on average, each REDCap web page view consumes about 0.1 MB. Larger projects, projects that allow for uploading of attachments, or projects with more users will naturally consume more data, but the majority of projects will not incur data overages fees.

 Additional concerns:

  • REDCap is HIPAA compliant, however the standard REDCap servers at UNL are not. Should a project require HIPAA data collection, the PI should contact MERC at redcap@unl.edu to discuss the possibility of HIPAA data collection in REDCap.
  • REDCap is highly customizable using custom programming (as in the writing of specialized code), however, MERC is not able to offer these services at this time. Please ask the UNL REDCap Team about what you need – they may be able to assist.