SPSS is composed of two inter-related facets, the statistical package itself and SPSS language, a system of syntax used to execute commands and procedures. Likewise, there are two approaches to using SPSS: (a) via the Graphical User Interface (GUI), a point-and-click approach already familiar to Windows users and (b) via the use of SPSS programming syntax.

With SPSS you can:

  • enter your data into the computer
  • calculate new variables
  • manage the SPSS files
  • select or weight cases in your data
  • describe the data (frequencies, graphics, statistics)
  • make statistical tests (t-test, chi-square test, correlation test, ...)

  • make the statistical analysis (anova, regression, factor, discriminant, ...)
  • select our results in the output window and move them to the text editor

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