Who We Serve

The Methodology and Evaluation Research Core Facility (MERC) provides state-of-the-art social and behavioral science methodological support and services to conduct research and evaluation on a variety of grants and contracts in the areas of STEM outreach, Public Policy, Public Health, Child Welfare and Agriculture and Development.

As a Nebraska Research Initiative (NRI) funded core facility, we provide services to all NU campuses, and in the last fiscal year we partnered with multiple communities and state and local non-profit agencies, in the midwest.  In Fiscal Year 2019, we provided evaluation and research services to over 75 different clients including other universities and colleges, Nebraska state agencies, and local government and civic groups.  See a list of current projects here  and past projects here.

Inquiries about our internal and external evaluation services are always welcome.  Please contact Alian Kasabian or click here to submit an online inquiry.


Alian Kasabian