Welcome to the Methodology and Evaluation Research Core Facility

We believe in the power of data.

MERC provides a range of evaluation and data services to support client needs. We know that data collection and interpretation can be challenging and/or overwhelming, and we strive to reduce that burden through:

  • Sharing our expertise in human data collection and analysis
  • Fostering good data practices
  • Providing a professional outside perspective
  • Telling the story of data
  • Highlighting inequalities and disparities

As part of an institute of higher education, we believe in growing together through professional development as well as providing education and training for others.

If you’d like to learn more about MERC and our services, please contact us here.

Advancement through Methodological Support

MERC is driven by a vision and philosophy of research enhancement through innovation and evaluation. Within this vision, transdisciplinary programs, interventions, and scientific research are strengthened and their broader societal impacts bolstered through the use of state of the art methodology and expert evaluation and consultation services. 

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Our Core Values

  • Promote, Sustain, and Advance Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Provide State-of-the-art Social and Behavioral Science Methodological Support
  • Provide Services to multiple campuses, communities, state and local non-profit agencies, and private partners that uphold our standards
  • Promote a collaborative work environment

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