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Other presentations:

  • Kasabian, Alian. 2022. Data Driven Prevention Programming. Invited presentation to the Nebraska Collegiate Prevention Alliance Statewide Convening, Lincoln, NE.
  • Rutt, Jenn N. 2022. Mental Health & Well-being Survey. Virtual Presentation to the UNL Chancellor’s Diversity Commissions.
  • Roseberry, Nikki, and Jenn N. Rutt, 2021. Improving Outcomes by Moving the Prevention Lens from Equality to Equity. Presentation at the Nebraska Minority Health Conference. Lincoln, NE.
  • Kasabian, Alian. 2021. A Tour of Local Nebraska Data Sources. Workshop session presented at the Nebraska Conference on Health Equity, virtual.
  • Kasabian, Alian Alex Swanson, Emma Carstens, and Irenea Soetjoadi. 2021. Doing Evaluation: Strengthening Policy, Practice, and Research. Panel presentation at the Midwest Sociological Society (MSS) meeting, virtual.
  • Kasabian, Alian, Patricia Wonch Hill, and Mindy Anderson-Knott. 2018. Strategies for Effectively Communicating the Value of Taking a Sociological Perspective. Roundtable discussion at the first Sociology in Practice Settings Symposium at the American Sociological Association (ASA) meeting. Philadelphia, PA.
  • Rutt, Jenn N., Mindy Anderson-Knott, Trish Wonch Hill, Cole Boyle, & Changsoo Song. 2018. Using Culturally Responsive Evaluation to Reduce Health Disparities. Roundtable presentation at the American Sociological Association Conference. Philadelphia, PA.
  • Rutt, Jenn N., and Alian Kasabian. 2018. Native Families for Native Children: Diligent Recruitment Grant Evaluation. Presented at the Children’s Bureau Diligent Recruitment 3 Annual Grantee Meeting. Washington, DC.
  • Kasabian, Alian. 2018. Community Themes & Strengths: Early Childhood Health: Lancaster County Four Sector Needs Assessment. Invited presentation to the Prosper Lincoln Early Childhood Comprehensive Health Assessment Results Session. Lincoln, NE.
  • Kasabian, Alian, and Jenn Rutt. 2017. Leaving Room for Gender Diversity: Practical Lessons from a Blank Line in a Conservative State. Paper presented at AAPOR meeting. New Orleans, LA.
  • Kasabian, Alian. 2017. Workforce Development Survey. Invited presentation to the Nebraska Prevention Advisory Council. Lincoln, NE.