Qualtrics is an online survey software system that is available to authorized University of Nebraska-Lincoln faculty, students, and staff. Recently, UNL obtained a university-wide license to allow Qualtrics to be used by any faculty, staff, or student who needs the tool for their UNL-relevant work (research, coursework, evaluations, etc.).

There are many things that make Qualtrics unique.  Some of those unique capabilities are:

  • Very easy user interface
  • Question library includes thousands of existing survey questions
  • Piping and branching
  • Randomize on three levels
  • Customization based on respondent answers to eliminate irrelevant answer choices
  • Personalize to  refer to the respondent by name or other embedded data
  • Track respondent participation and send reminders to nonrespondents
  • Save and continue allows respondents to exit and later start where they left off
  • Ability to add video and graphics
  • Custom reports
  • Directly export to a range of files including SPSS
  • Translate your questionnaire into over 20 languages
  • Time response times down to the millisecond
  • Over 85 question types


The "UNL Brand" HAS  been activated!

To sign up for an account, go to https://unlcorexmuw.qualtrics.com/login and choose to sign in using ‘my organization’s single sign-on (SSO)'. An account will be created for you after you accept their user agreement. Then you can access via that same URL and SSO thereafter.

Note that this "brand" is different from existing brands. If you already have an account elsewhere (e.g., on an exisiting UNL brand), and you choose to set up an account using this URL and SSO, then you will have two accounts. You will still have your existing account that you sign into via qualtrics.com using your prior email/password. However, in addition, you will have a new account on the "unlcorexmuw" brand and it will be empty.

UNL hopes to provide more guidance soon about how to consolidate/migrate your old account to the new account. For now, however, you can visit these resources:

  • Qualtrics support on user moves
  • John Hopkins resources on migrating users (although it is for JH and not UNL, the steps would be similar, and their presentation may be easier to grasp)

For additional information, please visit the ITS Services' Qualtrics page.

Already set up and would like a tutorial?  Angie Rushman created this wonderful video to get you started!  https://youtu.be/VmPfT0UDMZc?list=PLXY9v4dwQmNmbPq1Ur22IU7kwDlBc6Prw