Current Projects

Game Day Survey

Improving Teacher Quality through Biomedical Engineering BLAST! Workshops (Cultivate Access)

Maternal Child Health Needs Assessment (MCH)

Menu Analysis

Nebraska Collegiate Consortium (NCC)

Nebraska Strategic Prevention Framework-Partnership for Success (PFS2) 

Nebraska Team Nutrition Grant Program (TN3)

Nutrition Education Program (SNAP-ED)

Quality Improvement Center for Adoption & Guardianship Support and Preservation (QIC-AG)

Schmidt Projects

State Partnership Initiative to Address Health Disparities (SPI)

Statewide Broadening Participation in Engineering (BPE)

Summer Health Professions Education Program (SHPEP)

Summer Research Programs (SRPs)

Using Current and Emerging Food Production Challenges to Enhance Science Educators Curriculum (Meneses USDA)

Worlds of Connection (WoC)

NSF Evaluations

Alternative Non-Opioid Therapies for Low Back Pain (Wachs CAREER)

Biomedical Engineering Summer Research Program (Bashford REU)

Building a Comprehensive Geoscience Learning Experience (GeoPaths)

Comparative Genomics and Phenomics Approach to Discover Genes Underlying Heat Stress Resilience in Cereals (Walia EPSCoR)

Dynamic Crystal Synthesis (Morin CAREER)

Educational Immersive Simulations to Enhance Understanding of Corn-Water-Ethanol-Beef System Nexus (CWEB Nexus)

Engaging the Next Generation of Biochemists (Biochem)

EPSCoR RII Track-2 FEC: Functional Analysis of Nitrogen Responsive Networks in Sorghum (Schmutz EPSCoR)

Foundations of Wet Communication Theory (WetComm)

Innovating life sciences education through computational modeling and simulations (Helikar IUSE)

Minority Health Disparities Summer Research Program (MHDI REU)

Promoting Research-based Instructional Methods for Enhancing and Reforming STEM Education (PRIMERS)

Sustainability of Horizontal Civil Networks in Rural Areas - Research Experience for Undergraduates (Civil REU)

Unmanned Systems Foundations and Applications - Research Experience for Undergraduates (NIMBUS REU)

Women Achieving Through Community Hubs in the United States (INCLUDES)

CAREER Evaluations

Addressing the Critical Concerns of Confined Ionomeric Systems and Advanced Fluorescence Imaging of Ionic Distribution (Dishari CAREER)

Alternative Non-Opioid Therapies for Low Back Pain (Wachs CAREER)

Deciphering Sorghum Resistance Mechanisms to Phloem-Feeding Aphids (Louis CAREER)

Drones in Public: Foundational Interaction Research (Duncan CAREER)

Dynamic Crystal Synthesis (Morin CAREER)

Establishing the Roles of Multi-enzyme Complexes in Metabolic Network Regulation (Obata CAREER)

How SFR2 allows chloroplast envelope membranes to survive freezing, from initial signal to molecular mechanism (Roston CAREER)

Quadruplet Codon Decoding (Guo CAREER)


Beneficial Insects Protection - Research and Extension Experiences for Undergraduates (Golick REEU)

SCC: An Integrated and Smart System for Irrigation Management in Rural Communities (Qiao USDA)